Run Oracle RAC on Azure with SkyCluster – Apply for up to $3,000 Azure credits

SkyCluster is a robust, simple, and fast way to establish highly available Oracle RAC clusters on Azure. In collaboration with Microsoft, FlashGrid is offering up to $3,000 Azure sponsorships for qualified parties to test, deploy and run SkyCluster. With the offer, you can enjoy a trial run of 30 days without paying SkyCluster fees and Azure infrastructure fees within the allowance up to $3,000*. During the trial, you will have access to SkyCluster support to help with the deployment and test.

Learn more about Oracle RAC with SkyCluster on Azure:

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Company has Oracle support subscription

*DISCLAIMER: Subject to approval by FlashGrid and Microsoft. Having an active Oracle support subscription is a prerequisite. Applicant will need to accept additional terms and conditions in the course of processing the application. Offer limited to first 10 applicants. Exact sponsorship application amount up to $3,000 to be decided by FlashGrid at its sole discretion.